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Therapy Center partners with nursing homes to deliver high quality, rehabilitation services. Our services are designed to provide our partner facilities with the highest standard of patient care, operational efficiencies, reduced responsibility, elimination of staffing problems and ease of compliance. Unlike staffing agencies, Therapy Center welcomes the responsibility of operating and managing a rehabilitation department for our partner facilities. We provide highly skilled therapists and a full spectrum of rehabilitation services including physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and more. Our goal is to enhance clinical outcomes while maximizing efficiencies for our partner facilities.

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We started together in August 2002. I liked the way that the Therapy Center staff communicated with my residents – they had the same personal touch that I had. It was a hand-in-hand partnership, and we grew together. Now, more than a decade later, our future is very bright. Therapy Center has kept the small, hometown feel that we like. They have great employees and I would recommend them to anyone.

Gerard Lacour, Administrator
Tri-Community Nursing Home, Palmetto, LA
Bayou Chateau Nursing Center, Simmesport, LA


Therapy Center is superior to any company we have ever worked with and has been key in helping us to achieve our goals. Both quality and profitability have soared since Therapy Center joined our team. I could give no higher recommendation than I would to this company.

Bob Hensgens, Administrator
Savoy Care Center, Mamou, LA


We could not be more pleased. Since placing [Therapy Center] in our facilities I have seen an improvement in resident satisfaction, family satisfaction, therapy utilization, as well as profitability due to increased utilization. This company makes going above and beyond an expectation of their employees. Therapy Center is one of the best business decisions I have ever made.

Brian Hensgens, Administrator
Acadia St. Landry Guest Home, Church Point, LA


Therapy Center has been with us for the past 10 years now. They are very involved and committed to providing education and training for our staff and holistic care for our residents. They help us keep up with current issues in the skilled nursing arena, and have assisted us tremendously during the transition period of optimizing our CMI, working with our staff to ensure a smooth transition. We are grateful to work with a company that gets involved with facility activities and cares about rehabilitating our residents to improve their quality of life. Therapy Center is always staffed to meet the needs of our residents, even during holidays. They provide continuous and consistent service to our residents to ensure optimum levels of care and rehab potential, while obtaining the necessary RUG levels for each of our residents. They serve as an excellent resource to our staff and residents in all areas of care. The therapists exhibit a hands-on, caring approach with our residents and treat them like family. I could not ask for a better company to work with in providing the best care to the residents of our community than Therapy Center.

Pam Firmin, Administrator
Colonial Nursing Home, Marksville, LA
Hessmer Nursing Home, Hessmer, LA


When I came to work for Maison Teche Nursing Center, I had worked with many other rehab companies but never with The Therapy Center. I would soon learn that they were a class above. They are an awesome team to partner with. I never worry about staffing, meeting ARDs and minutes or any other of a myriad of issues that could arise from contracted rehab. The absolute best part of working with their team is the way CMS/RAC audits are handled. Our regional team director takes them and runs with it. She ensures that all documentation is gathered, organized and sent to our Broussard Group for processing of the electronic file. Therapy Center also tracks them in progress and follows up with us about any issues that may arise. Rarely have we have had to send any money back to CMS and I am certain it is because of the diligence and expertise with the audit process. In the event that we had denials, The Therapy Center has handled the appeals as well. I and the facility have no worries that their team will handle everything for us—up to and including court filings. They are passionate about the therapy they give our residents and the justification and necessity for every minute for which they bill and will defend it at all costs. I can wholeheartedly recommend them for rehab in your facility. It will be one of the best decisions you ever make.

Linda Roberts, Administrator
Maison Teche Nursing Center, Jeanerette, LA